We work in schools and colleges across Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex to support the learning and development of students with a range of additional needs. 

Any work completed in a school or college is discussed in detail with staff at the outset to make sure we deliver the best service possible. 

If you would like to discuss the possibility of one of our psychologists working in your school please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements further. 


Examples of work recently completed in schools and colleges

An in depth individual assessment to identify a year 3 pupil’s strengths and barriers to learning and recommendations for support in school. 

An in depth individual assessment with a college student to investigate a possible specific learning difficulty to support exam access arrangements. 

A consultation with school staff and parents to advise on school based strategies and develop support plans for pupils requiring additional support. 

Individual Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) sessions once a week, for 6 weeks to support a year 6 pupil experiencing high levels of anxiety. 

Group sessions with year 11 pupils to support them to manage stress and exam worries in the lead up to GCSEs. 

A review of the mental health support available within a primary school to inform development of mental health provision across the school. 


In order to complete this work we may complete one or more of the following activities:

Hold a discussion with school staff to understand their concerns, the support already in place and priorities for change. 

Review existing information including school based assessments. 

Gather background information from parents and/or students. 

Carry out a classroom observation. 

Meet with students to carry out direct assessments of strengths and needs. 

Liaise with other professionals that are involved. 


Record assessment information, conclusions and recommendations in a detailed report.